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Bugalü bar in El Carmen, is a place where music curation, distinctive service, and a unique mood, blends into a cozy atmosphere designed for entertainment.

Bugalü bar transports you to a Mexican tropical jungle, amidst lush palms, rustic wood, and a touch of cool industrial vibe, alongside eclectic beats and electronic bases — catering a unique experience at the heart of Valencia. The bar offers classic and signature mixology, paired with modern oriental Latin cuisine of explosive flavors. Our drinks are prepared by our mixologist, accompanied by an authentic nibble menu, inspired by a blend of flavors engineered to surprise you.

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Aligned with Bugalü Mission and Standards we aim to deliver high quality food and drink products while keeping our cost assesible. 


Bugalü is located in the Carmen neighborhood on what is now Calle de San Ramón, in the very heart of the Carmen neighborhood. However, it has not always been known by this name. Formerly, around the 18th century, it housed various ovens for which it was baptized as “El carrer dels Forners”.

Bugalü still maintains one of the ovens, an inheritance left to us by the “forners” of three centuries ago. Today it is in perfect condition and is great to eat and drink.

History of The Oven
The Oven

The building was built in 1955 for residential and commercial use.

1955, it was in the first instance oven. It is even believed that the oven would be older, from the 17th or 18th century, and that it was integrated in the 50s of the last century with the building where it is located today.

The Oven History
El Forn

Later, in 1972, it obtained a pub license, which was called “El Forn pub”.

Sep 2021
The Oven History

In September 2021 it became Bugalü Bar. Still maintaining the original structure but with a modern touch.

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